3 Reopening Steps to Office Social Distancing for Covid

Get ideas on how you will need to change your business or shift your focus to address the new Social Distancing changes that are likely to occur.

How to Adapt Your Office for Social Distancing

Many companies are getting help with redesigning their workspaces, creating room for social distancing so they can bring people back to work safely and in accordance with state guidelines. Safely6ft.com has products that will help you create the best office social distancing space and provide a feeling of safety and confidence for both customers and staff.


Understand exactly where your team interacts with each other and with customers – mark those areas clearly with floor decals or wall signage and determine if you need acrylic sneeze guards.

Determine foot traffic patterns for your staff, and ensure they are followed with floor arrow decals.

Ensure that all legally required, or CDC recommended signage, is clearly visible in all key areas. Are you only allowed to have a certain number of people occupying a space? Taking appointments only?

Above all, understand your space. Look at every room and area to determine exactly where you may need signage or dividers.


Communicate with your staff regularly and adapt as necessary.

Continue focusing on health and safety.

Creating new appropriately distanced environments.

Understand the customer experience. What is the first thing that you want them to see when entering your place of business? Make sure this message is clearly conveyed on entry doors, lobby areas, main counters, restrooms, etc.

If you’ve changed cleaning policies, make it known.

If face masks are required, make sure its posted at your entrance.


Make sure your office social distancing plan is very clear to customers and employees with floor graphics and signage.

Where do people interact? In those locations that require a face-to-face interaction, add acrylic TeamShield dividers.

Ensure that you have the right cleaning supplies on site.

Consider our hand sanitizer stations when people enter your office.

Re-evaluate often as time goes by. Regulations may change, and you need to be able to adapt quickly.

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