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TeamShield Sneeze Guards


Clear, protective acrylic sneeze guards are designed as a protective barrier against airborne particles. Select from multiple sizes, designs, freestanding or mobile. Perfect for all business, healthcare, and educational environments.

 Case Study Text: School Reopening

TeamShield Sneeze Guard - MobileTeamShield Sneeze Guard - Mobile
TeamShield Sneeze Guard - Mobile 5 reviews
From $449
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Sit, Stand Tabletop TeamShieldSit, Stand Tabletop TeamShield
Hanging TeamShield Sneeze GuardHanging TeamShield Sneeze Guard

Floor & Tabletop Signs

Social Distancing Floor & Tabletop Signs

Safely6ft™ has the floor decal and tabletop signs your establishment needs to encourage social distancing to prevent the spread of illness. Shop dozens of styles, sizes, shapes and sayings to perfectly match your business, school, office or restaurant theme.

6 Feet Spacers

Round Stand Here Floor Sign 1 review
From $9.80 $14
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One Way Walkway Signs

Wall, Window, & Door Signs


As part of the ongoing effort to plan, prepare and respond to stopping the spread of COVID-19, the CDC recommends posting COVID-19 door signs and posters in highly visible locations that detail how to stop the spread of infection. Get a social distancing or mask sign you’re your doors or walls today!

Indoor/Outdoor Signs

Patriotic Social Distancing Facility SignPatriotic Social Distancing Facility Sign

Indoor Only Signs

Stop the Spread of Germs Info SignStop the Spread of Germs Info Sign


Application designed to stick to itself rather than furniture. These heavy duty adhesive strips can help you section off your waiting room, lobby, conference rooms, and much more.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, having the ability to sanitize hands in public spaces has been a number one priority for many. Safely6ft™ single and double sided hand sanitizer stands are a free standing sanitizing solution your establishment needs when handwashing is not available. Hand sanitizer stands in schools and businesses improve overall safety and show employees, customers, students and staff that safety is your number one priority. Our quality free standing hand sanitizer stations feature infrared sensors for a fully automatic, non-touch dispensing application anyone can easily access.

Hand Sanitizer StationHand Sanitizer Station
Hand Sanitizer Station 1 review
From $399
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Patriotic Hand Sanitizer StationPatriotic Hand Sanitizer Station

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Safely6ft™ Social Distance & Sanitary Products For Businesses, Schools & Restaurants

As your establishment works hard to ensure the safety of all who enter, Safely6ft™ works to provide all necessary protective equipment you need to get the job done. With Safely6ft™ sneeze guards, social distancing signs, hand sanitizer stations and safely strips, businesses, schools and restaurants can safely and effectively operate while upholding the health and social distancing standards set out by top global health organizations to help stop the spread of germs 

Sneeze Guards

What better way to maintain social distancing guidelines and recommendations than with clear, acrylic TeamShield sneeze guards? Safely6ft™ sneeze guards are designed to provide customers, employees, students and teachers with an easy, safe way to communicate. Position these social distancing dividers between students desks, in the computer lab, between restaurant tables and at checkout counters to protect individuals from germs and respiratory droplets. Choose from dozens of dimensions and styles, including mobile, freestanding, and tri-fold table top sneeze guards. For an anti-fog, anti-static and dust repelling layer, we recommend using Safely6ft™ plastic clean and shine spray on all your TeamShield sneeze guards.

Floor & Tabletop Signs

Social distancing signs have never looked so good! All of Safely6ft™ floor and table top social distancing signs are designed to capture the attention of all who enter your establishment. Choose from a number of styles and slogans to point students, customers and patrons in the correct directions with words or simple arrows. Students will love our lively social distancing signs featuring emojis, animals, tie-dye and cartoon-like designs. Need COVID-19 store signs to match your business or restaurant? You’ll have no problem finding the perfect style and color to match your theme. Our “closed for social distancing” coronavirus sign for businesses clearly and effectively gets the message across that your store is closed for an important reason. All floor and tabletop social distancing signs are non-slip, scuff resistant and washable. Easily apply social distancing signs to flat, smooth surfaces made from marble, terrazzo, tile, sealed wood or carpet.

Wall, Window & Door Signs

Wall, door and window signs provide all who enter your establishment immediate notification of your social distancing and mask policies. Whether you’re looking for bright and vibrant or more mellow coronavirus signs for business, Safely6ft™ has everything you need. Our bathroom business signs for COVID-19 remind employees, customers and students to wash hands when using the restroom. Choose from CDC handwashing and germ bathroom signs with fun, eye-catching designs and bright “face mask required” education social distancing window, wall and door signs. All Safely6ft™ social distancing signs for business, schools and restaurants adhere to glass, metal or wood doors for easy install and a secure hold. 

Hand Sanitizer Stations

No business is fully prepared for post-pandemic operation without essential touch-free single or double sided hand sanitizer stations. Safely6ft™ battery operated refillable hand sanitizer stations hold up to 1200ml of the hand sanitizer of your choosing. A sturdy steel base increases stability for your full automatic freestanding station. Place hand sanitizing stations in often-touched areas around the school, office or restaurant to promote healthy hand sanitation practices when hand washing is not available. Learn more about hand sanitizer benefts from our blog. 

Safely Strips

Enforce proper social distancing guidelines without standing guard with Safely6ft™ safely strips. Social distancing safely strips restrict seating areas of your choice by easily wrapping around the select furniture.  Safely strips are easy to install with a self-stick application safe for all types of upholstery. Clean safely strips with a non-abrasive cleaner for best results. Social distancing safely strips work well in school, office and restaurant settings.

Safely6ft™ is dedicated to helping business, schools and restaurants everywhere exceed social distancing health recommendations to provide employees, students and customers with the best socially distanced experience possible while out in public. All Safely6ft™ protective products are made in the USA and subject to free U.S. orders over $150.