Round Stand Here Floor Sign

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Size: Small (12" x 12")
Color: Red
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Made in Michigan
Made in the USA

Description™ floor graphics should be applied to clean and dry floor. For use on commercial tile and carpet with a short nap and a tight weave containing minimal texture.

Ambient temperature as well as surface temperature must be between 40 ̊F to 90 ̊F. We recommend acclimating the graphics to the same application temperature for a few hours before beginning the application process. Use the supplied tape measure to install the floor graphics 6ft apart.

  1. The floor should be clean, free of debris and oils and dry.
  2. Lift the upper edge of the liner and fold back approximately 8-12" down one edge, depending on the size of the graphics.
  3. Carefully position your™ graphic so that it is properly aligned, then press the exposed edge in place using light pressure.
  4. Using your hand or supplied soft plastic squeegee, lightly press the film in place.
  5. Working from the top of the graphic to the bottom, continue by peeling away more of the liner and applying light pressure to the film. Continue in this manner until the liner is completely removed and the graphic is in place.
  6. Using your hand or supplied soft plastic squeegee, from center to all edges carefully push out any excess air bubbles. Finally, apply firm pressure to assure adhesion. Full tack will be achieved in 24-48 hours.


This product is removable from most common commercial floors for up to 6 months. After 6 months the product may be more difficult to remove and may require chemicals to aid in the removal process.


Up to 1-year expected performance life for interior floors with proper installation and care.


The surface is durable enough for hospitals and can be cleaned with most commercial floor cleaning solutions. Avoid over saturating.  

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