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In this post-pandemic world, “business as usual” has a whole new look. As you devise your business pandemic planning checklist, we recommend adding “hand sanitizer stations” to the list for a safe and successful reopening.

Here are five hand sanitizer benefits of including these stations as part of your pandemic preparedness plan for businesses.

Easy Access to Hand Sanitation

Life in the new normal means that anytime customers enter your business they expect to see hand sanitizing options available; and for good reason. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers quickly reduce the number of germs on the hands. This is the best alternative to hand washing with soap and water if proper hand washing isn’t available. 

Ideally, hand sanitizing stations should be placed in high-traffic areas. How many hand sanitizer stations you need will depend on the type of business and how many high-traffic areas there are. Consider placing hand sanitizer stations at all entrances and exits, transaction counters, meeting rooms, employee work stations, restrooms, and break rooms.

Prevent Spread of Infection

One of the main hand sanitizer benefits is preventing the spread of germs and infection because hand sanitizer contains a minimum of 60% alcohol. Having hand sanitizer stations readily available to use near frequently touched and high-traffic areas will effectively reduce the amount of germs spread from one person to the next. Increase your efforts by supplementing hand sanitizer stations with regular disinfection of surfaces, door knobs and light switches.

Improve Job Safety

Your staff plays a crucial part in maintaining the safety and well-being of customers and each other. Improve job safety by integrating hand sanitizer stations inside the walls of your business for your employees to easily access at any time. Communicate with your staff the importance of clean hands and surfaces as part of your pandemic preparedness plan to prevent the spread of germs and illness.

Promote Healthy Habits

Placing hand sanitizer stations in hard-to-miss locations in your business encourages employees and customers alike to sanitize upon arrival and decreases the chance for outside germs to make their way into your establishment. Supplement hand sanitizer stations with wall, window and door signs as a reminder to all who enter the important role clean hands play to stop the spread of illness.

Show Employees and Customers You Care

Proper pandemic planning for businesses pays off in many ways. Customers and employees alike will appreciate your willingness to adjust standard operating procedures for their safety and well-being, while following CDC COVID-19 recommendations gives your business the best chance at preventing the spread of illness. Show your commitment to health and safety and set a precedent for how business operations should look in today’s world. These hand sanitizer benefits can stretch way beyond the end of this pandemic. Keeping hand sanitizer stations around your business is a good practice because it can show customers and employees you care about hygiene and keeping people safe from future illnesses.  

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