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Amy Servi wants to live in a world filled with innovative businesses, cute dogs, and more softball. Previously the Assistant Softball Coach at the University of Louisville, Amy fearlessly jumped into the world of business development after obtaining her MBA in Finance.

Amy is a Digital Transition Coach, Business Cultivator, and Game Plan Strategist with 20+ years of experience helping companies execute business game plans that streamline operations, optimize resources, navigate challenging environments, and ultimately grow revenue.

What does this have to do with Safely6ft? Amy understands the current challenging environment for many businesses trying to keep employees safe. She’s uniquely positioned as a powerhouse authority in this market having founded and sold three companies, as well as serving as the CEO of a company estimated to be worth over $10MM.

Amy has been with IMBranded / Safely6ft for almost 3 years and is here to spread her knowledge to help you and your business succeed in these crazy times.

Plus, if you ever need to get out of a speeding ticket, Amy is apparently great at it 😉

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