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As communities across the country continue their efforts to return students to in-person learning, public health officials like the Center for Disease Control (CDC) listed the most effective infection prevention recommendations for schools, including the need to modify work areas with physical barriers such as school sneeze guards.

According to the CDC, physical barriers like sneeze guards are recommended in areas where social distancing (staying six feet apart) is difficult. As you can imagine, there are many instances throughout the day where social distancing can be difficult, making the need for physical barriers such as school sneeze guards an essential item throughout a school.


To help more easily implement sneeze guard modifications for controlling COVID-19 exposure in your school, we’ve put together a list of 5 great ideas for incorporating school sneeze guards throughout your school to protect students, teachers, and staff, visitors, and parents without disrupting learning.

5 Great Ideas for Incorporating Sneeze Guards Into Schools

Tabletop Sneeze Guard at Teacher & Student Desks/Workspaces

Depending on the size of a classroom and the number of students, social distancing in the classroom can be extremely difficult. Tabletop sneeze guards for school desks and teacher’s desks are an excellent way to give students and teachers their own personal space without feeling distant or isolated from each other. With clear sneeze guards, students and teachers can easily and clearly communicate with one another.

Bi-fold sneeze guards for school desks are also available and offer a multi-sided barrier solution for even more protection. 4-6 person tabletop sneeze guards for school desks work well on shared surfaces like a multi-student desktop or in the computer room where it can be hard to spread students out and away from each other.

Mobile Sneeze Guards for Teachers/Staff 

Mobile school sneeze guards are an easy way for teachers to move freely around the classroom and help students while still maintaining a physical barrier between themselves and others. These mobile protective shields are completely clear, making it easy for teachers to communicate and interact with students and other faculty throughout the day in the classroom.

Tabletop Sneeze Guards In the Cafeteria

When students have their masks off to eat during lunch, it’s imperative that physical barriers sit between each student. 4-6 person tabletop sneeze guards are perfect for keeping students separated while eating at long cafeteria tables. If your cafeteria has round tables, bi-fold portable sneeze guards are also a great and more portable option.

We didn’t forget about the cafeteria workers, either! Although your school’s cafeteria most likely has sneeze guards protecting the food, you’ll also need to install the proper amount of sneeze guards at the register and above the food sneeze guards. Hanging sneeze guards are an excellent solution for cafeteria food and checkout lines, protecting the cafeteria employees during lunch without having to worry about adjusting or bumping into a freestanding sneeze guard.

Hanging Sneeze Guards In the Main Office

Between students, staff, visitors, and parents, the main office sees many different faces throughout the day. To best protect your school’s secretary and staff, install hanging sneeze guards along large counter spaces, or install a sit-stand tabletop sneeze guard at individual desks. Sit-stand tabletop sneeze guards designed with a pass-through window are perfect for dropping off lunch boxes, signing paperwork, or exchanging other paperwork and items.

Hanging Sneeze Guards Between Bathroom Sinks

Maintaining a safe distance in communal areas such as school bathrooms can be a challenging task. For this reason, we recommend installing hanging sneeze guards between bathroom sinks. This will make it easy for students to safely and properly wash their hands in spaces at sinks that are generally less than six feet apart.

As you plan your school’s return to in-person learning, promoting the proper behaviors to reduce the spread of COVID-19 will be crucial to the safety of all students and staff. Whether you need school sneeze guards, social distancing wall, window and door signs, freestanding hand sanitizer stations, or social distancing floor signs, Safely6ft™ is your one-stop-shop for the social distancing school supplies you need to safely and successfully reopen your school to students and staff. Shop our incredible selection today, and stay safe out there!

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