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For many, the term “social distancing” is a new concept. Since the early months of 2020 we’ve been urged to keep a safe distance to “slow the spread.” So exactly what does social distancing mean and how do we know we’re doing it right?

What Is Social Distancing?

Also known as “physical distancing,” the CDC defines social distancing as the practice of keeping a safe space between yourself and others who are not from your household. The importance of social distancing is to prevent the spread of illness from one person to the next to help “slow the spread” or “flatten the curve” of illnesses like COVID-19.

What Is Social Distance Good For?

Many of us first heard of social distancing for the first time during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Public health officials believe that this illness is spread easily among individuals who are in close contact to each other. It is believed that the illness is spread through coughs, sneezes, or respiratory droplets traveling through the air, finding its way into other people’s mouths and noses. Since others can spread the virus without having any symptoms, keeping a distance of six feet plays a vital role in keeping respiratory droplets from reaching other people. 

The CDC also recommends that social distancing be practiced in combination with everyday preventive measures to reduce the spread of illness. These preventive measures include wearing a mask, washing or sanitizing hands frequently, standing or working behind sneeze guards and hanging wall, window and door signs in schools and public spaces to remind others to take social distancing precautions or to wash hands wherever possible.

How Far Is Social Distancing?

To practice proper social distancing, maintain a distance of at least six feet from other people in both indoor or outdoor public spaces. When inside your home, social distancing means avoiding close contact with people who are sick with at least six feet of distance between you and that person. Individuals who face a higher risk of getting sick, whether due to autoimmune diseases or weak immune systems should go out at little as possible or maintain at least a six foot distance at all times.

Not sure how to measure six feet in an open space? The CDC says six feet is about the length of two arms. Today, it’s not uncommon to see floor decals and tabletop signs showing people exactly where to stand to maintain social distancing guidelines in schools, restaurants or places of business, making it easier to maintain social distancing recommendations in public spaces.

How to Social Distance in Schools, Restaurants & Offices

Social Distancing In Schools

As schools reopen for the fall, faculty and staff have been working hard to prepare students for a safe return with social distancing products. This includes, of course, social distancing guidelines for students. In schools, staying healthy and free from illness is not just a matter of keeping a distance of six feet. Many schools see the value in implementing the use of sneeze guards in classrooms and offices, hand sanitizer stations at entrances, exits gymnasiums and cafeterias, and hand washing signs in the bathrooms. These preventive measures can help increase the chances of success in “slowing the spread” of illnesses like COVID-19.

Social Distancing In Restaurants

Social distancing products have helped make keeping restaurants open possible. From clear acrylic barriers at the hostess table and the bar, one way arrows around the restaurant and hand sanitizer stations at the bar, outside the bathrooms and at entrances/exits, going out to enjoy a nice meal at your favorite restaurant is still possible. By employing the use of social distancing graphics on doors and windows, patrons and vendors know exactly what is expected when they come into your establishment. If you’re looking to reopen your restaurant safely with the right protective equipment to maintain social distancing and “slow the spread,” look no further than Safely6ft™. 

Social Distancing In Offices

While the best way to implement social distancing for many businesses was a “work from home” system, many businesses are having their employees return to the office as a way to transition back into a normal work life. To help maintain social distancing, Safely6ft™ supplies businesses all over the country with social distancing products for the office. From safelystrips creating social distance barriers between individuals in the office, conference room or auditorium settings, to simple hand sanitizer stations scattered throughout the office, staying healthy and safe at work has never been easier.

Whether you’re working, playing or just out enjoying public spaces, stay healthy and safe with the right social distancing measures. Stand six feet apart from anyone outside of your household, wash your hands or sanitize frequently and encourage those around you to do the same!

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