Sneeze Guards & Protective Barriers are the New Business Norm

Spring has sprung, and the long-awaited “return to normal” is in bloom. As schools, workplaces, and businesses begin to reopen their doors, many can’t help but wonder what will go back to normal and what safety measures implemented during the pandemic will remain. If you ask us, the tools we don’t see going anywhere anytime soon are sneeze guards and protective barriers.

3 Reasons Why Sneeze Guards Will Likely Remain in Businesses

  1. They Reduce Exposure to Airborne Particles, Germs & Viruses

Much like the restaurant industry’s adoption of sneeze guards over 70 years ago, many schools, restaurants, and businesses adopted the use of sneeze guards at the beginning of the pandemic as a form of protection against contamination by airborne particles. In fact, Acrylic Sneeze Guards have been one of OSHA’S most strongly recommended personal protective products against the spread of COVID-19, helping reduce or stop the spread of infectious droplets capable of traveling upwards of 50mph.

While there are no actual sneeze guard requirements out there except for the national health regulation laws required in certain food industry settings,  it is strongly encouraged that sneeze guards be placed between and two or more parties that cannot maintain social distancing efforts, including restaurants, schools, businesses, and offices.

  1. They Make People Feel More Protected

Since long before the pandemic, sneeze guards have given restaurant patrons a feeling of trust and security that the food they were about to eat was not contaminated by other patrons. The same sentiment is true for protective barriers and Tabletop Sneeze Guards used in educational institutions and businesses even after the pandemic.

Continuing to use sneeze guards and protective barriers in everyday life gives employees, clients, patrons, students, and staff the feeling of security and protection, knowing they are not over-exposed to germs or airborne contaminants when close to others. This can help individuals who may be “on the fence” about returning to public life (or sending their kids back to in-person learning) feel more confident in their decision to attend social settings once more.

  1. Many Businesses Already Have Them

It only makes sense for a business that has invested the time, money, and effort to install protective barriers and sneeze guards to get the most out of their investment and continue to use them for as long as possible. After all, they are extremely durable, easy to clean, effective in helping reduce exposure to airborne illness, and offer a sense of trust and protection in the business or brand. Paired with strategically placed Hand Sanitizer Stations at entrances and exits, sneeze guards and protective barriers are some of the few protective practices we expect to see in the months and even years following the COVID-19 pandemic.

No matter what line of business you’re in, Safely 6ft™ has the sneeze guards and protective barriers you need to welcome back employees, clients, students, and others safely and confidently. Be sure to browse our Educational Social Distancing Equipment, Cubicle Sneeze GuardsOffice Social Distancing Equipment, and Protective Equipment for Restaurants to find the right products for your business and start your journey down the road to the new normal on the right foot.

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