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With nearly two years of COVID-19 protocols under our belts, it’s not uncommon for once obvious COVID-19 business signs to fade from focus. It’s as critical now as at the beginning of the pandemic to remain vigilant in practicing the safe and sanitary COVID-19 precautions to prevent the spread of the virus, which is why creating more visible covid signage may be the next best move for your business.

So, how can you incorporate business signs for COVID-19 that stand out? We’ve got a few ideas you may want to consider.

3 Ways to Revamp Your COVID Signage

1. Reuse Signs, But Add New & Catchy Frames

With the holiday season approaching, you can revamp and reuse your COVID signage by adding festive holiday borders behind each sign. This will help catch the eye of employees, regular clients/patrons, and new customers with a friendly, festive twist. 

For instance, if you operate a restaurant or shop, you may choose to add a bright orange or eye-catching Halloween-inspired background to your COVID-19 business signs for the month of October, while switching to background colors and designs for Thanksgiving or the winter holiday season. You can continue this trend all year, with red for Valentine’s Day, green for Saint Patrick’s Day, pastels for Easter, red/white/blue for Memorial Day and 4th of July, and so on.

2. Relocate Signs

Strategic placement is the most important aspect of effective COVID-19 business signs. If your signage for COVID-19 has been in the same spots since day 1, consider this your sign to mix things up a little. Now, you will want your wall, window, door signs, and social distancing floor signs located in obvious, eye-level locations if they aren’t already. If they are, consider adding the brightly colored or patterned borders mentioned in COVID signage tip #1.

3. Replace Signs

Depending on the kind of business you own, your signs may have seen better days by this point in the pandemic. If your floor signs or door signs are fading away and are hard to read or simply look unprofessional, the best thing you can do is replace them. 

We can all agree that COVID-19 isn’t necessarily “going away” anytime soon, so these important reminders to mask up (if required in your establishment), remain six feet apart, or “follow the arrows” to your destination need to be clearly laid out for employees and customers to see and adhere to easily. Thankfully, Safely6ft™ makes it easy to get your hands on the best COVID-19 signs for business, no matter where you work.

Refresh COVID-19 Business Signs with Help From Safely6ft™

We carry everything from sneeze guards and touch-free hand sanitizer stations to social distancing fixture strips and COVID signs for businesses in any industry.

Shop Safely6ft™ today and browse our great selection of new, CDC-recommended COVID-19 business signs to keep every individual who comes and goes from your business, restaurant, educational facility, or place of employment as safe and healthy as possible.

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