10 Games and Activities to Enjoy While Social Distancing

While social distancing may not be the easiest new habit we’ve had to take on in 2020, it has opened a door to new games and activities we can enjoy both alone and with the family. If you’re looking for new games, activities or health-related endeavors to try out while social distancing, we’ve got some ideas you might like.

Social Distancing Activities

Practice Your Golf Swing

Whether you hit the driving range, mini-golf, or a full eighteen holes, golfing is a reliable way to spend the day socializing from a distance.  The CDC recommends that people monitor their health, avoid close contact, wash hands and sanitize frequently, wear masks, and cover coughs and sneezes, all of which is possible playing a game of golf.  Most businesses use safety strips to remind customers to maintain a six foot distance from each other.  Safety strips are easy to install, removable strips that remind everyone to keep their distance.  They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and bright colors, so you are sure to see them, even from six feet away. 

 Get Active on the Tennis Court

In addition to being a challenging work-out, tennis is a sport that allows you to socialize while maintaining your distance. Clean off your racket before and after use.  Bring hand sanitizer or encourage the courts to purchase hand sanitizing stations to keep clean between points.  Don’t forget to bring a reusable water bottle with you since many water fountains are not in use.

 Try Out Water Sports

Water sports like solo-kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding also provide a great escape. Kayaks, paddle boards, and life vests can all be rented for a few hours or a full day at your local marina. Just make sure they are following CDC recommended protocols with cleaning, sanitizing, and distancing customers and staff in their business. If you live near a large body of water, you may want to invest in your own water sport equipment. With just a tube (and maybe an air pump and some sunscreen), you can spend a day floating down the river and socializing with friends and family. 

See a Drive-In Movie

Drive in theaters are not as common as they once were, but some stadiums, racetracks, and indoor theaters are converting their parking lots and infields into outdoor screening areas in lieu of the pandemic. You can even bring your own snacks and beverages without sneaking in an extra large purse!

Social Distancing Games

Host a Virtual Board Game Night

Board game nights might look a little different, but you could play games over Zoom or using remote controllers.  Keep bowling and fighting zombies from the comfort of your home; just make sure you’ve charged the controller batteries! Virtual platforms also offer accessible ways to stay connected. Try playing online games together, streaming a movie, or having a virtual happy hour with loved ones you haven’t seen in a while. 

Outdoor Trivia

Packing into your local watering hole every Wednesday for trivia is no longer a reality, but many bars and restaurants are offering outdoor seating. Some towns and cities are even turning side streets into a single lane so there’s room for more outdoor seating just off the curb. There may be fewer teams, but with social distance window and wall signs, spaced out tables, and hand sanitizing stations your team with the punny name can still excel at music trivia. Many bars and restaurants are back to serving food and drink indoors thanks to sneeze guards, wall signs, and table signs. 

What are sneeze guards?”, you ask.  Sneeze guards are clear barriers that keep people from, well, sneezing on that donut peg-board display you spent far too much time on.  Sneeze guards reduce the chance of exposure to respiratory droplets, and are commonly used (even before COVID-19) in cafeterias and buffets. Since sneeze guards are most often made of transparent plastic or acrylic, so it’s still easy to communicate.  

 Bust Out the Yard Games!

Old school yard games like bocce ball, croquet, horseshoes, and badminton are always fun. With less space, you can still play cornhole, can jam, or washers. Just make sure contestants keep their distance and sanitize frequently!  

Social Distancing Activities To Improve Your Health

 Explore the Great Outdoors

Take advantage of beautiful weather outdoors. Hiking, walking, and running are healthy activities you can complete solo or with a group. Best of all, they’re free and pet-friendly!  Put your dog (or cat) on a leash to a state park. Try a more challenging trail and take in the sights or go for a run through the shady forest trails.  If you’re up for it, grab a spotter, a crash pad, and some chalk to try bouldering!

Become a Yogi Master

Many yoga studios operate in large, open spaces. Roll out your mat at your favorite brewery or watch the sunrise from a rooftop terrace. There are plenty of yoga tutorials online as well, so you could host yoga on the lawn for friends and neighbors. Floor signs and hand sanitizing stations encourage participants to spread out and maintain a safe distance while finding their zen.

Get In shape

If you gained the quarantine fifteen, you’re certainly not alone. There are plenty of ways to get back in shape and be social. Consider adding small, incremental steps to your routine with couch to 5k or a 30-day exercise challenge. Whether you prefer to work out with a group or alone, having a partner to keep you accountable is a great help. Even if you hit the trails alone, many fitness apps and trackers allow you to share your progress with friends and family even if you live states away. Many personal trainers and fitness instructors are offering outdoor options for those that want to stay fit. You could meet a class at your local park, or in the parking lot outside your regular gym. A friend of mine even set up an outdoor cycling studio, if you prefer using a guided instructor. You can even have a well-deserved mimosa on the outdoor patio after your work-out.

No matter what’s on the roster for your social distancing activities, be sure to stay safe, healthy and socially distanced with the right social distancing and sanitary products from Safely6ft™.

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