Covid-19 Business Signs for Doors & Walls

How well your business prevents the spread of COVID-19 depends directly on the preventative measures in place. From knowing exactly what it means to social distance to ensuring you’re meeting sneeze guard requirements and height regulations should be just one aspect of your businesses pandemic planning checklist for success.

Another aspect is how informed your employees, colleagues, vendors and contractors are when it comes to your businesses face mask, social distancing and hand washing policies. Since you can’t be in 5 places at once, get the wall and door signs your business needs to effortlessly  relay the most important messages and requirements to prevent the spread of COVID-19

COVID Sign for Business Door 

As part of a continuous effort to fight the spread of COVID-19, public health officials like the CDC recommend the use of signs to disburse important information regarding social distancing, personal protective equipment and how to stop the spread of germs. These informational COVID-19 door signs play a pivotal role in reminding the busybodies within your office of the best practices and precautions to take for a safe and healthy workplace.

Social Distancing & Face Mask Signs 

Place social distance office door signs at each entry point for a hard to miss notification about your social distancing policies. Pair these wall and door signs with floor social distancing signs, like one way arrows, “6 feet” markers or floor strips for the best visual representation of proper social distance within your office.

With employees working behind sneeze guards as an added layer of protection, it’s easy for them to forget to put their face masks back on if they get up to make copies, visit the restroom or take lunch break. “Face Mask Required” office signs for walls are a great reminder to mask up before they leave their personal space.

Hand Washing Signs

Whether you want to post helpful reminders to “keep calm and wash your hands!” or teach little ones that hand washing is a superpower, the CDC has developed the perfect hand washing posters for all ages, available at Safely6ft™. From step by step hand washing bathroom signs, to informational hand washing office signs for walls in the bathroom, you’ll be sure to find the signs that best speak to your audience within your business. For further reach, place hand washing signs near freestanding hand sanitizer stations as a reminder to wash or sanitize hands whenever possible.

CDC Informational COVID-19 Signs

One of the best ways to fight the spread of COVID-19 is to remain educated on how the virus spreads in the first place. To help stop the spread of both rumors and the virus, the CDC has issued factual and informative posters. Hang “stop the spread of germs” posters in frequented areas of your business to constantly remind your employees, colleagues and vendors the best practices and precautions to take on a daily basis.

As you navigate reopening your business during COVID-19, Safely6ft™ is proud to deliver the durable office face mask signs for door and wall signs your business needs in the colors, sizes and styles to match any space. From social distancing signs and CDC approved informational COVID-19 door signs to social distancing safely strips and other protective products, we’re your one stop shop for getting back to business safely and efficiently.

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