How to Maintain Social Distance at Work

Earlier this month we dove into the question “what does it mean to social distance?” Today, we’re answering the next question that’s on the minds of employers and employees everywhere: how do we maintain social distancing at work? First, let’s start with why social distancing at work matters.

Why Social Distancing In The Workplace Matters

To successfully stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep yourself from getting infected, the CDC recommends social distancing anytime you’re outside of the home. Since illnesses like COVID-19 are easily transmitted by way of respiratory droplets from those around you, social distancing at workplaces is necessary to keep from bringing airborne illness home to your family and causing new cases to arise. Social distancing at the workplace means remaining six feet from colleagues and customers whenever humanly possible. While this can prove to be difficult, with the right tools and pandemic planning checklist in place, social distancing at work is easily attainable.

Tools & Procedures For Social Distancing At Work

By implementing these safeguards to help employees and co-workers maintain social distancing within the workplace, you’re showing clients and employees that their health and safety is your number one priority. 

Depending on the size of your business, you may need to limit the amount of individuals you allow into the building at one time. Staggering the attendance times for employees allows more employees into the building with less risk of having too many people come in at once. Where social distancing is not entirely possible, there are other solutions that can help reduce the chance of exposure, like requiring reserved meeting rooms or work spaces or shift-based schedules.

To help safeguard against the spread of airborne illness, use sneeze guards to create a clear yet safe barrier between desks, at the front reception or at break room tables. You might be wondering, “what is a sneeze guard?” Sneeze guards are clear barriers (often made from acrylic or plastic materials) that make communicating easy, all while reducing the chance of exposure to respiratory droplets. Cubicle shields are perfect for these situations! Sneeze guards come in various sizes and shapes, making it easy to find the dimensions you need for your business. 

For office meetings, gatherings or social distancing in bathrooms, we recommend the use of safely strips. Safely strips drape easily over chairs or bathroom sinks, reminding employees and colleagues to do their best at remaining six feet apart in any setting. Safely strips let employees and co-workers know that a chair or space is meant to not be used for the sake of social distancing without the need of verbal reminders.

PPE & Social Distancing Reminders In The Workplace

When every employee, contractor, vendor and client is aware of your policies and procedures before entering the building, you’re decreasing the chance of exposure to fast spreading illnesses that could have a negative impact on your business. Employ the help of social distancing products that serve to remind anyone who enters your establishment the common social distancing rules and guidelines set out by public health officials.

Wall, Window & Door Signs

Wall, window & door signs are a great way to relay vital messages and information about the social distancing guidelines set by your establishment. From signs reminding individuals to wash their hands, educational information signs sharing how to stop the spread of germs, to reminders to wear your face mask and social distance, there are no shortage of signs to choose from. 

Floor & Tabletop Signs

If you’ve got a lot of foot traffic, floor and tabletop signs are a must have. Whether you’re looking to guide traffic in a socially distanced direction or just want social distancing reminders scattered about, floor and tabletop signs are a great way to grab your audience’s attention. To aid in the fight to “stop the spread,” place hand sanitizer stations around the office or next to floor and tabletop signs for a readily available hand sanitation option.

Remaining safe and healthy as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t have to be hard. With the right tools and protective equipment from Safely6ft™, preparing your office for reopening while maintaining social distancing just got a whole lot easier.

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