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As we head into year three of navigating life amidst COVID-19 and the Omicron variant on the rise, getting back to “normal” is–like most businesses can attest to–a slow-moving train. Nevertheless, we must chug on.

A straightforward way to keep the momentum going towards brighter days is by reimplementing transmission-reducing protocols like social distancing, wearing masks indoors, and promoting proper hygiene.

To help set your business up for success in these continuously trying times, we’ve compiled a list of three types of business signs you can utilize as instructional reminders for improved employee and customer safety.

Get Back to Business With These 3 Types of Business Signs for COVID-19

1. Directional Signs For Floors, Windows, and Walls 

These days, stepping out into a crowded store, bar, or restaurant is enough to make most people a bit weary. To help ease the minds of customers and employees alike, directional signs such as social distancing floor signs and wall, window, and door signs instruct individuals to stand six feet apart or walk a specific direction as they navigate throughout your business. 

Implementing these types of business signs not only grabs the attention of customers but helps establish a sense of direction to follow for safer shopping conditions. Safely6ft™ offers a wide selection of directional signs for social distancing. With a variety of different colors, designs, and sizes to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect set of directional signs that meet your business’s needs and aesthetic. Whether you cater to children and would like fun and captivating Emoji Social Distancing Floor Signs, or prefer the eye-catching yet professional look of a square or Round Stand Here Floor Sign or even the simple One Way Arrow Strip, our selection won’t disappoint.

2. Instructional Signs For Windows and Walls

Handwashing effectively removes potentially infectious bacteria and germs from our hands, in turn helping reduce transmission to our mouths, nasal passages, skin, food, or inanimate objects that we touch throughout the day. Incorporating instructional hand washing signs around your business’s bathrooms, gathering places, or lunch areas reminds employees and customers alike to wash up for the health and safety of themselves and others.

Safely6ft™ instructional signs for proper hygiene include CDC-approved hand washing signs and instruction signs on stopping the spread of germs. We also offer touchless Hand Sanitizer Stations for improved sanitation practices throughout your business, which can be made more noticeable with a hand sanitizer sign located next to, or above the station itself.

3. “Mask Required” Signs

Another instructional sign designed to help make your business a safer place to be during the pandemic is one of several “face mask required” signs. These “mask required” signs are seemingly more crucial now than ever before as many individual businesses set their own mask requirements (depending on state law). Implementing “masks required” signs offers a simple, direct answer to the question of “Mask or no mask?”, in turn reducing confusion for customers and easing the minds of vulnerable populations who may not feel comfortable shopping in unmasked locations.

In addition to implementing “face masks required” signs, you can double up on your transmission-reducing efforts by incorporating sneeze guards. Learn more about the benefits of sneeze guards and protective barriers at the Safely6ft™ blog.

Shop Safely6ft™ Today For Social Distancing Signs & Products

As we power on through the seasons of change and continue to learn more about the novel Coronavirus, staying vigilant about our health, wellness, and hygiene are as important today as they were in the early stages of the pandemic. 

At Safely6ft™, we are proud to offer different types of business signs and social distancing products necessary to help reduce the spread. Shop educational, office, or restaurant social distancing products today to stock up on the items and instructional signs designed to make your business a safer place for everyone!

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