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Signs became essential during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the CDC set social distancing and mask guidelines, businesses needed ways to communicate these regulations to customers, and COVID signage was the most effective way to do that. Thankfully, the pandemic is becoming less of a threat, and you may no longer need all of your COVID signs for business. But don’t discard them just yet! Try these five ways to reuse your signage for COVID-19 and get the most out of your investment. 

How to Reuse Your COVID-19 Signs for Business

Some of the most common business signs for COVID-19 included social distancing and directional signs, hand washing signs, and mask signs. Here are five unique ways you can try to reuse signs from COVID. 

1. Reuse Directional Signs to Point to Something New

Directional COVID signage was used to direct the flow of traffic in stores and businesses so that customers could safely keep their distance from one another. You can revamp these COVID-19 business signs by directing traffic to something different. For example, use floor social distancing decals like arrows to increase the flow of traffic to a new product or sale. 

2. Reuse Hand Washing Signs to Encourage Healthy Habits

Washing your hands isn’t just essential during a pandemic, which means you can use your COVID signage for handwashing indefinitely. Keep these COVID signs for business placed in your restrooms and kitchens to remind employees and customers to wash their hands thoroughly to prevent the spread of germs.

3. Reuse Mask COVID Signage to Keep Up with CDC Guidelines

Don’t throw your mask requirement signage for COVID-19 into the trash just yet. The CDC still recommends that non-vaccinated individuals wear masks in places of business. So, you can still keep these signs placed throughout your business as a suggested best practice for customers and employees. 

4. Donate Your COVID Signage to Schools or Non-Profit Organizations

If your business no longer requires customers to follow pandemic guidelines, then you can donate your COVID-19 business signs to a place that does. Ask your local community to help you find a person or place in need of business signs for COVID-19 and reuse signs in this helpful way. Who knows–maybe a local school or community center can use them as props in theater productions or art projects!

5. Replace Your COVID Signs for Business with New Signs

Did you purchase sign holders for your COVID-19 signs for business? Replace the COVID information with new information for your customers. In doing so, you can reuse signs and holders throughout your business to highlight a new product or service or share important updates and information

All Your COVID-19 Signs for Business in One Place

Finding unique ways to reuse signs ensures your business signs for COVID-19 don’t go to waste. At Safely6ft™, we provide the most essential signage for COVID-19, along with educational information about how to keep your business running smoothly using COVID signage and beyond. Learn more at the Safely Blog, and find all the wall, window, and door social distancing signs you need by shopping with us today! 

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