Safety Protocols for Polling Stations

Make sure your voters and staff feel safe with patriotic themed Social Distancing Products and acrylic sneeze guard dividers. 

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Hanging TeamShield Sneeze GuardHanging TeamShield Sneeze Guard
Patriotic Hand Sanitizer StationPatriotic Hand Sanitizer Station
Patriotic Social Distancing Facility SignPatriotic Social Distancing Facility Sign
Sit, Stand Tabletop TeamShieldSit, Stand Tabletop TeamShield

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Electoral Social Distancing Products for Polling Safety

On November 3rd, millions of Americans will walk into their local polling location and cast their vote for the next President and Vice President of the United States. In addition to the general safety precautions typically seen at polling locations, the CDC has set forth important considerations for creating safe polling locations to help mitigate the spread of airborne illnesses like COVID-19. To this end, Safely6ft™ has made available effective electoral social distancing products to help stop the spread of airborne illness at polling locations across the country.

Acrylic Sneeze Guards

Sneeze guards are designed to block respiratory droplets from being propelled through the air after an individual coughs or sneezes. Sneeze guards provide an effortless protective barrier between individuals as poll workers and voters interact inside the polling stations. Our clear acrylic sneeze guards make it easy to interact and help voters check in, distribute and collect ballots all while providing a safe barrier between individuals, and are available in either a hanging or tabletop style.

Social Distancing Floor Signs

Our easy to install social distancing floor signs make guiding voters around the polling location in an orderly, socially distanced fashion a breeze. Designed with repositionable adhesive backing, these social distancing floor decals work well on marble, carpet, terrazzo, tile and sealed wood. Plus, with display messages such as “6 feet,” “stand here,” and “one way” and bold arrows in vibrant, patriotic designs, poll workers and voters alike will be able to easily guide themselves in the proper direction to make their voting and working experience both safe and enjoyable. All square and round floor decals are available in a small (12.25”x12.25”) and medium (18.25”x18.25”) size.

Door Signs

Vote Here! Vote Aqui! Safely6ft™ has the bilingual patriotic mask and voting door signs your polling location needs to accurately convey important messages. Made with repositionable adhesive, these 12” x 16” door signs will stick to glass, metal or wood doors with ease. Use vibrant, patriotic door signs to remind voters and polling employees alike that your facility is a social distance facility, or that your facility requires the use of masks. Door signs are available in english, spanish, or bilingual text.

Hand Sanitizer Stations

The CDC recommends that hand sanitization be used anytime regular hand washing is not available. That’s why Safely6ft™ designed the easy to assemble, free-standing patriotic hand sanitizing stations your polling location needs at every entrance, voting boot and exit point. Providing poll workers and voters with an infrared sensing, touch-free hand sanitization option with at least 60% alcohol-based sanitizing solution helps prevent the spread of germs from spreading from one person to another. Plus, our touch-free hand sanitizing stations are battery operated and refillable with an easy to clean dispenser, making them a great addition to your polling location for years to come.

As your polling location gears up for November 3rd, be prepared with the sanization and social distancing products designed to keep you, your employees and voters alike safe and healthy at the ballot box.