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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, having the ability to sanitize hands in public spaces has been a number one priority for many. Safely6ft™ single and double sided hand sanitizer stands are a free standing sanitizing solution your establishment needs when handwashing is not available. Hand sanitizer stands in schools and businesses improve overall safety and show employees, customers, students and staff that safety is your number one priority. Our quality free standing hand sanitizer stations feature infrared sensors for a fully automatic, non-touch dispensing application anyone can easily access.

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Free Standing Hand Sanitizer Stations

The hand sanitizer station’s free standing design is possible thanks to the sturdy steel base. A battery operated refillable dispenser holds up to 1200ml of your favorite and most effective hand sanitizer. It’s recommended that hand sanitizer dispenser stands are used indoors only.  The CDC recommends using a hand sanitizer composed of at least 60% alcohol to reduce the number of germs on the surface of hands. Placing hand sanitizer stations near often-touched areas and fixtures like lightswitches, doorknobs, transaction counters and other high-touch areas can help reduce the spread of germs found on hands that contribute to the spread of viruses and germs.

Cleaning your hand sanitizer floor stand unit is easy! Simply use dish soap and water with a soft cloth and wipe dry. A non-abrasive, ammonia free cleaner also works. In order to preserve the graphics and hand sanitizer floor stand as a whole, we recommend avoiding solvents or oversaturating the graphic. All hand sanitizer floor stand units are easy to assemble, easy to clean, and easy to use.

Products for Safely Reopening School, Office or Restaurant

All of Safely6ft™ hand sanitizer stations are made in the USA and pair well with other safety products. As schools prepare for reopening, hand sanitizer stations are a great sanitizing solution as students, faculty and guests enter the building, classrooms and cafeteria, pairing well with wall, window and door signs reminding all who enter to wear masks and socially distance when possible. Use safely strips in the auditorium on selected seats to maintain proper social distance between students, faculty and staff.

Whether you’re preparing your office or business to reopen or looking to update your current COVID-19 precautionary measures, hand sanitizer stands at entrances and around the office give employees, customers or visitors the chance to properly sanitize when hand washing is not available. Pair hand sanitizer stations in the office or public space with floor and tabletop signs that easily show where to stand and what direction to go for a sanitary, socially distanced establishment. Place commercial hand sanitizer stations in easily visible locations at entrances and exits, meeting rooms, food courts, break rooms, cafeterias, secretary desks, and any other high traffic area in your office or business.

Spread hand sanitizing stations around your restaurant as part of your restaurant reopening protocol as an easy way for patrons to keep their hands clean when enjoying a meal. Don’t forget your clear acrylic sneeze guards in between tables for stress-free dining!

Enjoy free ground shipping over $150 on all Safely6ft™ protective products and successfully promote safety distancing and health initiatives in your establishment.