Student & Faculty Protection Shields

Indoor Educational Social Distancing Graphics

Hand Sanitizing Stations

Prevent the spread of germs and promote safe student and faculty interactions

Use fun signage to help students and staff remember Social Distancing guidelines

Place these throughout your educational facility for proper sanitary measures

Preparing for 'Return to Learning"

Review the following 3 Steps of Prepare, Plan and Prevent, as you develop social distancing measures for the reopening of your school.


Understand the facts about COVID-19 and stay informed through various resources such as UNICEF, CDC, WHO and other national and local health officials.

Research funding opportunities that may be provided by Federal, State and Local agencies and plan budget accordingly.

Identify all the community stakeholders and develop a substantial communication plan and how information will be shared.

Plans will need to be designed based on education levels, student needs, and the footprint of each school as well as other factors such as transportation and school activities.

Review all current school policies and work to adapt to the new – and regularly changing – educational requirements

Include input from parents, teachers and other administrative officials and gain an understanding of how they wish to best protect themselves and their students in the classroom


Develop strategies that can be adaptable depending upon changing circumstances in your community

For each education level, implement the best communication tools for students so they can best understand the social distancing protocols required.

Evaluate every area within your school and identify the best products and solutions that will protect both teachers and students within each setting.

Create a checklist of the necessary precautions that have to be implemented and need to be executed daily to ensure a clean and sanitized environment

Design a specific set of guiding principles for students, teachers, and administrators to stop the spread of the coronavirus and keep them safe at school.

Work with each teacher separately and design best safety protocols for their individual classroom that will ease their concerns for both themselves and their students.


Communicate that you are a social distancing facility by placing door graphics at every entrance.

Develop a daily schedule for frequent hand hygiene, and strategically place hand sanitizer stations at all entrances and throughout school.

Educate everyone in the school about COVID-19 prevention by placing CDC approved best practices signs in lobbies, libraries, classrooms and restrooms.

Prepare a school policy on wearing a mask or a face covering in line with national or local guidance.

Control the flow of foot traffic by placing directional arrow graphics along hallways

Communicate social distancing measures with creatively designed floor graphics reminding students to stand six feet apart.

Place protective freestanding Team Shield sneeze guards throughout administrative areas and offices, media rooms, libraries and in the front of teacher desks.

Section off dining areas with Safely Strips and mobile TeamShield products designed to provide a protective barrier from the spread of airborne particles.

Clean and disinfect school buildings, classrooms, and especially water and sanitation facilities at a minimum of once per day.

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